Journalism Internship

Radio Shalom (CKZW AM 1650) is looking for young talented Journalists / Broadcasters in Montreal.

Successful Candidates will want the opportunity to;

  • work in Montreal broadcast market,
  • hone journalism skills in a community rich in arts, culture and political diversity,
  • gain knowledge of basic broadcast equipment,
  • improve computer skills,
  • become familiar with recording studio environment,
  • write articles, news releases and interviews for radio broadcast and website,
  • participate in socially relevant radio shows.

With our training and supervision you will soon be able to use your journalism skills to research, write, cover news stories, record audio interviews, and publish/broadcast on our website and/or community radio station.

  • Both english and french speakers are welcome
  • Bilingual interns can help us by translating copy.
  • Up to 35 hours hours/week, Scheduled within our office hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m.
  • This internship is unpaid with opportunity for a full-time job upon completion..

Your internship with Radio Shalom will result in a substantial body of your own journalistic work carrying your own byline.

Your internship with Radio Shalom may even become your first job:

  • The recent events in Isreal is creating a demand for a News Desk at Radio Shalom
  • Our fund-raising efforts are now focused on raising the required budget
  • We are in immediate need for young journalistic talent and the funding will arrive to create permanent positions in a growing dynamic environment.

Please apply by email : or Phone 514-738-4100 ext:203
Please provide your contact info and interests.

Radio Shalom CKZW 1650 AM is a non-profit radio station serving the Jewish community, streaming live on-line at .