Text Box: As the only Jewish radio station in North America, Radio Shalom broadcasts in French, in English and in Hebrew, with studios in Montreal, but is heard worldwide on the internet (radio-shalom.ca), as well as on the AM dial at 1650 in the Montreal area.
Charged with a mission to educate, to inform, and even to entertain, Radio Shalom is unceasingly in support of Israel, affirming its religious identity and championing its independence. 

Anti-semitism is one of the oldest and most extreme forms of racism.  For over 2000 years, Jews have been hunted, excluded, persecuted and in the Nazi era, exterminated.
Anti-semitism didn’t disappear at the end of World War Two. We are now subjected to new varieties of anti-semitism, springing from the extreme left and the extreme right, and especially Islamic fundamentalism. Its main thrust: Israel and Zionism. Its most violent forms: Holocaust denial, anti-Zionism, and political and economic boycotts of Israel.
Text Box: Support Radio Shalom: it’s a question of survival

We can’t stand by idly! The assassination of a young Jewish man in Paris, the murder of innocent children in Toulouse,  the attack on a train to Madrid, all these incidents point to the fact that anti-semitism spares no one. A voice must be heard, loud and clear, denouncing public apathy.

Such is the mission that Radio Shalom has established and pursues in the world of media.



In the knowledge of the heinous acts mentioned above, as well as the general acceptance of anti-semitism among the general public, Radio Shalom is at the forefront of correcting the disinformation, the hate-filled anti-Jewish propaganda, all the while offering a new perspective, a variety of opinions, and above all, an alternative voice.

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Phone : 514-738-4100
Email : info@radio-shalom.ca
Text Box: Text Box: The battle against new forms of anti-semitism: the current challenge for Radio Shalom
Text Box: The new wave of anti-semitism is a menace not just to the Jews, not just to Israel,  but also a menace to world peace.

History  teaches us that anti-semitism begins with aggression against the Jews but soon afterwards spreads to other groups. If we don’t extinguish the firestorm of anti-Semitism at its inception, it will consume everyone and everything in its path.”  This statement was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his recent meeting with French Prime Minister François Hollande.

Text Box: Are you aware that Radio Shalom exists almost entirely due to the devotion and benevolence of a handful of volunteers? 
In order to continue the struggle against anti-semitism and disinformation, Radio Shalom must be able to attract and REMUNERATE professional broadcasters. 
A successful financial campaign to raise $350,000 will permit us to achieve these goals, through the continuing existence of Radio Shalom. 

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Text Box: We must rally round Radio Shalom, the sound voice of the Jewish community, for the defence of Israel, of its right to live in peace among the world’s nations, and the dignity of world Judaism. These objectives should propel us forward in the act of helping this radio station to survive, and to continue these battles.
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