Art and Fine Living with Jona

Jona Rapoport

Host(s) : Jona Rapoport
Program Name: Art and Fine Living with Jona
Hours : Sunday at 4pm and Tuesday at 11pm.


Art and Fine Living with Jona showcases art and culture through insightful interviews with renowned and emerging talents in music, dance, theatre, cinema, visual arts and more.

Jona Rapoport is a freelance writer and educator who has covered the arts and lifestyle trends for newspapers, magazines and radio stations for over 25 years in Canada and abroad. Jona holds a degree in education, honed her skills with journalism and communication graduate work, and pursued her passion for the arts with studies of music (voice), drama, art history, literature and plastic arts.

Ms Rapoport has earned the respect and collaboration of the world’s finest artists, presenters and organizations in producing programs of integrity, intelligence and merit. She is proud to be associated with Radio Shalom, a station she has contributed to since its inception.

Jona dedicates her work to the memory of her late beloved mother, Fanny-Feige Milstein, who imbued her with an endless respect and appreciation for music, drama, literature and art. She also dedicates her work to all the artists who grace our lives with their special gifts. Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore

Art and Fine Living with Jona
Art and Fine Living with Jona

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