Anti-Israel Protesters Enter Jewish Community Building

A group of anti-Israel protesters entered the CJA Federation building on Cummings Square last Thursday at 4:40 p.m.

According to Eta Yudin, director of public relations at the Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs, the group of about 10 demonstrators held a large banner accusing Montreal’s largest Jewish organization of being involved in the crisis in Gaza and began singing resistance poems in Hebrew.

“[They were] stating that they challenge authority, that Quebec is on native territory—on Mohawk land—some kind of slogan, ‘Free Gaza, free Turtle Island’,” said Yudin. “It was clearly a group that had issues with a lot of things and one of them being the current crisis in Israel.

The group entered the building on Côte St. Catherine Rd., which houses a number of Jewish organizations, and was not identified before being escorted out by security and police.

“They came at about quarter to five, when people start to leave work and clearly their intention was to intimidate,” said Yudin.

“If they really were interested in dialogue or discussion they could have scheduled a meeting with us and we would have been more than happy to discuss,” she continued. “But that’s not what they were after, they wanted to make a scene and they wanted to intimidate people who work in the building.”

This is the second incident of protesters entering the community building. A few weeks ago an anti-Israel protester entered the Cummings Square building during a pro-Israel rally that gathered 3,000 people.

The man was quickly led outside by security and was asked to join a pro-Palestinian demonstration across the street.

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